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Open RP:

Bears, Silver had read, had once been greatly feared animals once introduced to other planets. With razor sharp claws and a roar that could penetrate the most dense of forests, some extinct species had actually worshipped them as Gods.

But nothing could really last forever, and by thunder Silver had tried to get his Cyborg arm to let go, to reboot the system that ran though his AI core, but the system was compromised, the kill command useless. Remotely operated by person(s) unknown, his organic foot tried to keep it’s hold on the floor, he did try, but metal was much stronger than he.

Unsuccessfully trying to pull one side of his body away from the other in a fit of pure panic, he watched the people of the one town he had managed to befriend run from him, screaming. Cannon strapped to his arm, he could only watch in terror as it blew away years of hard work and community love, smeared with blood of which he couldn’t tell.

His only hope was that someone could stop him soon.







Boris’s eyes sparkled when Silver pointed at the ship. This was going to be so cool! Without taking in Silver’s warning, he rushed towards the ports. Though bumping into people wasn’t a problem, cats could get through small spaces. He came to Silver’s ship a few seconds later, fascinated by the fact it was floating. “Whoa…”

Grumbling slightly at the cat’s lack of hearing and ‘better than you’ speed, Silver lumbered to the cat slowly, hoping in his head that he wasn’t getting as old as his body was. Rasing his cyborg hand to the dry docked ship, he exclaimed, “Dis tis me boat laddy. Born and raised on dis thing, I was.”

“It’s so cool!” Boris’s eyes sparkled. “Can we go for a ride?!” He was acting like a little kid again, running around the amusement park. This was going to be sooo cool! “Please Mr.Silver~~!” He whined, pulling on the others jacket. 

“Aye lad, aye..” Silver’s paw waved at the small cat like he was some annoying small child as he gazed up at his love. Floating in the summer sun, it was a beautiful sight to behold, all curves and long flowing sails just waving at him in the wind. “Get on then boy, and aye’ll be with ye in a second.”

Boris’ eyes sparkled, this was going to be great! Without saying a word he jumped onto the ship, almost losing his balance for a moment. When he gained his balance he looked around the ship in awe. He kept one hand on the edge of the ship as he walked around, look at everything, Curious about everything. But he didn’t want to do something that would make the pirate mad, so he kept his paws to himself. 

Noticing the hyperactive cat keeping it’s paws to himself swelled some sort of pirate pride in his old bones. Yes, he may have used to control whole crewmen with his large size and overpowering cannon but nowadays a little teen control was the best he could do he reckoned.

"Now.." He said in a sort of grunting breathy sigh, yanking himself up to the boat. he was getting too old for this. "…if ye touch anything’ on me ship an it falls out de sky, yer paying me whiplash claims"



Silver chuckled slightly and shook his head, and with his hands on what he thought was his hips he departed some elder wisdom he hoped the lad would understand. “Jimbo, dis ship is fully functioning…” He booted the underside of the wheel and the entire ship groaned while the cyborg stood with a grin on his face as if he’d never heard it, “..don’t ye find it a wee bit stark raving bonkers dat et’s stuck floating when et could alright be where tis going?”

Jim lowered his head, bangs waterfalling down in front of his eyes as he listened; he flinched, cringing at the sound produced by the boat in surprise. But as Silver posed his final rhetorical question, a hopeful, and childish expression fitlered across his face, eyes widening with glee like a child at Christmas Day. “Y’mean…” He muttered lowly, trailing off as he glanced at orb that rested in space, his ‘home’, and looked back to Silver with another grin, unable to stop himself from smiling otherwise.

"Aye course lad, " Silver smiled, his wisdom shining in his eye. Restarting the ship as Jim seemed to have got the message as he’d intended, they continued on their merry way down into the atmosphere of Montessor. Not that Silver really enjoyed atmospheres. Bumpy, hell ridden things they were. He kept his post at the wheel, whistling a old sailor tune he’d heard his pap sing when he was young.

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